My turn to speak. Your turn to listen. 

I have a plan of action. And I want you all to know that I have a plan, and I won’t be silenced

I’ve spoken previously about DECD and their attempt to censor me, and in the past that has scared me into silence. But no more. I’m also scared of the public response to what is happening in the APY lands, and specifically; what DECD and the South Australian Government are doing in response to that. I’m scared that there will be outrage; and rightly so. But what do we do with that outrage? Storming in, declaring a national emergency isn’t helpful. But neither is inaction. 

I’m detailing my plan here so that I’m accountable, and protected. I’m detailing my plan here so that my words cannot be twisted and warped. On Friday the 7th of August at 3.45pm I rang and spoke to the Minister for Education’s office, on the advice of one of her former staffers. They listened and put me through to a Ministerial Liason officer, who advised me to detail my concerns via email, and seeking a meeting with the Minister herself, which I did.  I received recipt of the email on Friday afternoon. As of 5.00pm on Tuesday the 11th of August, I have not heard back. I will be ringing again tomorrow morning and advising her office that if she does not agree to meet with me, I’ll be calling the Department of Premier and Cabinet, to seek a meeting with the Premier. If again, I am not listened to, I will publish all available documentation I have with regard to my concerns here on A Dingo Named Gerald so that any statements are entirely on my terms. Furthermore I’ll be seeking to meet with the media, to make my concerns public. From there, I don’t know. 

Once I put that information out into the ether, I don’t know what may happen, or if anything will happen at all. I want to make it clear that I am not seeking sensationalism. I am seeking meaningful change for Anangu, but I cannot sit idly by, hoping that change will come about organically and without a catalyst.

”The standard that you walk past is the standard you accept”     – Lieutenant General David Morrison 



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