Tuna Salad and Radio Controlled planes 

So our new friend Reuben and his family came round the other night; they came round because Matt planned to take the boys out to the airstrip and fly one of his massive radio controlled planes. They came early so I offered them dinner – it was really awesome. It was awesome to get to really sit and chat to Judy, his wife. A quietly spoken Kungka (woman). We spoke of her home lands – she’s from Maralinga (where the bombs were tested) and lived in a community called Yalata which is close to Ceduna – it’s also considered part of Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunyjatjara lands. She told me about the sort of hunting that women do, collecting bush onions and tjala (honey ants) and that when the weather cools, that’s the best time to get them. I cannot tell you how enthusiastic I am to go out and do this – like busting with joy. I’m trying to contain myself though so I don’t come across like a crazy person. When she came in, I was painting. She seemed genuinely impressed and asked me about my technique. Judy is herself quite an accomplished artist and she says that I should take my work into Tjala Arts so that Skye can send it to galleries in the cities. She called out to Reuben to show him – it was amazing to have an Anangu woman who herself has a name as an Aboriginal Artist, respond so positively to my work! I was thrilled! We chatted more about art and life up here on the lands and then we drove out to the airstrip. The kids had a blast, Matt showed them how to fly before getting out the giant plane that would easily accommodate a small dog. The sun was setting, casting an orange glow over the landscape. I was surrounded by Anangu – who consider us enough to come and join our dinner table and take us to different places, to see different things. It was a good night. 


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