Alice Springs 

So we went to Alice Springs this past weekend gone. For a couple of reasons; firstly we need to go food shopping; we were running short of supplies here at home and it was costly to keep buying from the community shop. Also, Min is turning 4 and being the essentially lazy and last-minute person that I am, I wasnt organised enough to buy things online with enough time to get them posted to us (although Matt did buy him some cars for the slot-car track and get them posted – credit where it’s due!). We also promised him he could have Hungry Jacks while we were there. So Friday night we set off, we arrived in Alice Springs at 10.30pm – we travelled part of the way in convoy with some other staff – and good thing too because they got a flat in the trailer tyre, but that gave us a chance to stretch our legs while the men used their men-ness to prove how manly they are by changing the tyre. We women-folk were suitably impressed. (Nah not really) 

Saturday was a blur of shopping – we filled the car and trailer with shopping and supplies for school and home. It may be a blur because I had two glasses of wine afterwards, having not been allowed alcohol because the APY is a community initiated dry-zone; after those two glasses I was reasonably merry. Then I overdid it and had one more and felt sick so went to bed – it’s amazing how your body responds to something after being denied it for a while. Sunday we drove back. The poor staff in the other car broke an Axle 40km out of Amata and didn’t get home untill 1am! It was nice to get out of community for a bit, but I must admit I was glad to get back to Amata. We might miss out on things, we might not have Hungry Jacks for those days where it’s just all too hard and the kids are hungry, we might have to lug 6 trolleys-worth of food back to community, but I love it out here. 


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